Amazon Lightning Deals FAQ

This page is a list of frequent asked questions about Amazon Lightning Deals.

The table of content of the FAQ is:

  1. What are the Amazon Lightning Deals?

  2. How Amazon Lightning Deals work?

  3. Can I buy the same item several times?

  4. Is there any advantage for being an Amazon Prime user?

  5. What is a Deal of the day?

  6. Are all Amazon Lightning Deals really great deals?

1) What are the Amazon Lightning Deals?

As the name implies, Amazon Lightning Deals are deals that go lightning fast. A lightning deal has a start time and it can last some hours. However, there are only a limited number of units to be sold at the deal price, so if is a good deal, it will be sold out before the deal expires.

2) How Amazon Lightning Deals work?

There is a counter that signals when the deal is available. When a deal is active, the deal price is revealed. There is a button to add the item in the shopping cart or you can view the more details clicking on the product name or on the product image.

This is an Amazon Product for a Lightning Deal

Example of an Amazon Lightning Deal

If you click to see more details about the deal, you’re redirected to the usual Amazon product page, but the page has some changes to accomodate the new deal price and the deal status, as you can see in the next screenshot:

Modified product details page for an Amazon Lightning Deal

Amazon product details page for a product in a Lightning Deal

If you add an item to the shopping cart, a counter of 15 minutes starts. During that time, you have the product reserved and you have the option to buy it at the deal price. When the counter expires, the product is automatically removed from your shopping cart.

What happens when you add a product from the Amazon Lightning Deals to the shopping cart

A product from a Lightning Deal added to the cart

So, if you are interested in a product the best strategy is to add the product to the shopping cart and then think if you really want to buy the product at the deal price.

As there are a limited number of units for each deal, in a first come, first served basis, you may find yourself with all the items reserved. If that is the case, you will be placed in a wait list. If you are very lucky, a person with a reserved item will not buy it and the item will be offered to you at the deal price.

3) Can I buy more than one unit of the same product?

No. An Amazon Lightning Deal is a promotion that allows you to buy only one item at the deal price. Probably that’s done to avoid abuses like a single user buying all the items at deal price and later reselling them through ebay or other sites. Also note that if you purchase the lightning deal and then cancel your order, you won’t be able to purchase the same lightning deal again.
This restriction applies only for the same lightning deal. You are allowed to purchase as many different lightning deals as you want.

4) Is there any advantage for being an Amazon Prime user?

Being an Amazon Prime user pays off because some lightning deals have early access only for prime users (usually the first 30 minutes), so if the deal is good enough non Amazon Prime users may not have any remaining items when the prime period has expired.

5) What is a Deal of the day?

A Deal of the day is a special kind of Lightning Deal that last longer than the usual lightning deal and that it has a lot more units for sale at the deal price. However, that does not imply that it can not be sold out.

6) Are all Amazon Lightning Deals really great deals?

A lot of them are very good deals, however not all that glitters is gold. This website has been built to assist you to identify good and bad deals. You can read all the details about how to use the Amazon Lightning Deals Guide here.